Boiler Rust Protection Preventative

Boiler Rust Protection Preventative

Announcing a HyproTherm Wood Furnace World Exclusive

– developed by the DOE for NASA
HyproTherm Furnace is the only manufacturer in the WORLD to offer a revolutionary¹ Rust Blocker technology from NASA to completely eliminate oxidation and corrosion of the water tank surfaces.Simply add 5 gallons of Rust Blocker when new and then do nothing more for 5 years – no more annual water tests – no more adding costly chemicals – no more draining and refilling of the water tank – as is often required with all other manufacturers’ inferior rust inhibitor systems. 

HyproTherm furnace tank maintenance is now a breeze – simply replenish your water tank with 5 gallons Rust Blocker every 5 years for a lifetime of rust and corrosion protection.

Now, you can say Good-Bye to expensive and time consuming upkeep and water treatments that your warranty depends on!

How does it work? When this water treatment is added to the water tank, the Rust Blocker technology bonds an impenetrable oxygen barrier on the water tank surfaces. Rust and corrosion cannot form without oxygen.

HyproTherm’s new rust protection system works better than typical old-style water treatment additives, which only treat the water and not the tank surface itself. It is both cost effective and time saving. There is never the worry about missing an annual water test ever again!

¹Winner of the 1991 Research and Development 100 Award

LOW Relative COST

The cost is only $325 for FIVE GALLON – 5-year supply.
(This is the same as the  average cost of tests and chemicals over 5-years, which is $288+ mailing the test kits in)

Call Ben or Ruth to order at 828-683-0025.   9AM – 9PM ET SIX days a week!
Please leave a message with your zip code and please specify residential or business (cheaper) delivery.

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Rust Blocker Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rust Blocker?

Rust Blocker is a decadesols product, available exclusively from HyproTherm Furnace, which protects the water tank from rust and corrosion caused by oxidation and harmful mineral deterioration.

Rust Blocker costs $325 for the 5 gallon, 5-year treatment (plus shipping)

Why is Rust Blocker more effective than other anti-rust and corrosion products? 

The scientifically advanced and patented Rust Blocker technology is the result of decades of research and development by the US Department of Energy for NASA. Winner of the Research and Development 100 Award, Rust Blocker bonds an in-penetrable oxygen free barrier onto any metal surface to eliminate rust and corrosion.

All other water tank preservation methods simply treat and re-condition the water composition itself in an attempt to reduce water tank corrosion.

No other product can provide the level of protection available from Rust Blocker.

Do I need to clean or flush the system before adding Rust Blocker?

No, you do not need to do anything to prepare for the addition of the Rust Blocker product aside from draining out 5 gallons of water to make room for it in the water tank. You simply stir the 5 gallon pail of Rust Blocker and then add it to your furnace’s water tank.

I know that I will have to add water periodically to the system, will I have to add any additional chemicals as well, or does the one treatment of Rust Blocker alone last for five years?

No, nothing more need be added. Once the Rust Blocker (5 gallons) has been added to the system, it will bond the oxygen free Boric Oxide barrier on to the metal surfaces. Simply add 5 more gallons of Rust Blocker five years later. We will notify you (via email, phone) when it is time to purchase the refurbishment treatment of Rust Blocker. Nothing else need be done until then… other than maintaining your water level due to loss of water from evaporation and steaming.

Do you recommend putting a water filter on the system?

No filter is required on new furnaces when using the Rust Blocker product.

For older furnaces, over three months in-service, see below..

Water Filter for Older Furnace Applications (over 3 months in-service):

No, you do not need to flush or prepare the water tank prior to adding the Rust Blocker product. However, if your furnace has been filled with water for 90 days or more, we recommend that you install an inexpensive (reusable filter element) “Y” type strainer filter for each set of ports on the furnace. Install the “Y” Strainer on the supply side of the furnace ports, before the pump, to avoid the possible accumulation of debris in the pump or the heat exchanger’s flow channels.

WHY? The Rust Blocker technology will aggressively arrest and remove any corrosion or rust which may have formed on the interior water tank surface as it activates to bond the protective Boric Oxide barrier.

If not captured, the released floating debris could block or restrict the heat exchanger’s flow channels and thereby reduce water flow, efficiency and effectiveness.

As an additional benefit, Rust Blocker will also treat and condition the metal surfaces in the flow channels of the heat exchanger to inhibit the build-up of scale, lime and other performance limiting deposits.

To install the “Y” filter, you will need two (2) shark bite style male thread fittings. You can find these parts locally or you can order them from our supplier; Abbott Boiler Parts – Ted at 828-687-4074

You need the ‘Y’ strainer and 2 x 1″ fittings (SharkBite style MPT fittings) PB832M

Do I just leave the water in the system all year, or does it need to be drained out each year?

No draining and re-filling of the water tank is necessary with Rust Blocker as is sometimes required with the old method of rust inhibitor systems.

Do I need to have my furnace water tested each year?

NO, once the Rust Blocker product has been added to the water tank, the water jacket’s interior metal surface will be bonded with an anti-corrosive coating. No annual water tests are necessary as Rust Blocker treats the metal surface directly, it does not treat the water.

Will the Rust Blocker product harm my heat exchanger?

No, Rust Blocker will treat the metal surfaces in the channels of the heat exchanger and inhibit the build-up of scale, lime and other performance limiting deposits.

Can Rust Blocker be used with Glycol?

Rust Blocker can be used with either polypropylene or ethylene glycol.

Can Rust Blocker be added to the water-tank during the off season?

Yes, Rust Blocker can be added to the furnace water tank during the (non-heating) off season.

However, to facilitate the bonding process, it is recommended that the circulation pump be kept running continuously for a minimum of 6 weeks. Following this 6 week period, run the circulation pump for several hours every week until the heating season resumes and the furnace is once again in operation.

On older furnace systems, over three months in-service, be sure to check and clean the “Y” strainer filter element often to remove any debris lifted off during the bonding process.

Note: The following year, it is not necessary to run the circulation pump during the off season. Once the Rust Blocker has bonded there is no further benefit from circulation of the water.

Is Rust Blocker safe to handle? 

Rust Blocker is used in U.S. commerce, and is not listed in the Toxic Substances
Control Act (TSCA) Inventory of Chemicals.

Avoid prolonged exposure to skin. Do not get in eyes. Wash skin after use.

First Aid and Emergency Procedures:

Eye: Flush eyes with running water for at least fifteen minutes.
If irritation or adverse symptoms develop, seek medical attention.

Skin: Immediately wash skin with soap and water for at least fifteen minutes. If irritation or
Adverse symptoms develop, seek medical attention.


The cost is only $325. (The average cost of tests and chemicals over 5-years is $288 + mailing the samples in) Shipped for free if ordered with your furnace.

Call Ben or Ruth to order at 828-683-0025.  
Please leave a message with your zip code and please specify residential or business (cheaper) delivery.

OR CONTACT ME via this website

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