About WNC Stoves

My name is Ben and my wife’s name is Ruth. We work side-by-side, 12 hours a day, six days a week! We have been in the outdoor wood burning boiler industry for about 12 years after I first saw one of these outdoor wood boilers heating a big metal building with 2 big garage doors opening all throughout a winter day; working on farm tractors.

WHY I Started selling Outdoor Wood Boilers

What impressed me the most was how warn it was, of course but also by the lack of the sound of a furnace running.  It was so quiet.  I had to ask how they heated the building.  I was surprised when they said it was heated with a Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace, that was set outside of the building.  I discovered later that they were heating their domestic hot water FOR FREE, as well!

Since I was so interested in it, the owner asked me to sell the wood boilers for him.  I was already selling  his grey market farm tractors on eBay, so it seemed like a perfect match.

These wood boilers SOLD FAST!

These boilers sold FAST;  several a week!  I knew that a prosperous business was born and it progressed so much that I eventually built several of my own websites (http://www.outdoorwoodfurnaceboiler.com/ and a Canadian website; http://outsidewoodfurnace.ca/, and the one you are on today!

Please visit our brand new WordPress website; linked below and let us know what you think!

A Boiler NEEDS to be SIMPLE!

Since the beginning, I was always intrigued with how simple these boilers were; at least the model I was selling.  From that point, I decided to make that my criteria.  I would only sell boilers that had simple controls and did not have crazy things like circuit boards or computerized parts, or craziness like a smart phone hook-up (who knows how to repair that kind of thing?).

If you really HAVE to monitor the temperature from inside your home, all you need to do is get an inexpensive, simple outdoor charcoal grill monitor (wireless)!

I have always only sold wood boilers that do not have any special or proprietary parts; everything is available locally to you and can be purchased anywhere.

These coal and wood outside boilers can be easily repaired by yourself. You will never require more than a crescent wrench or screwdriver to replace any part.

Most all of my customers are lay people with no mechanical experience and almost 98% of my customers install the outside wood boiler themselves.  If they don’t have time, they simply hire a local handyman to help them.

I have all of the parts that you need!

You can get your parts ahead of time, so can have everything in place to install your new wood boiler, within a hour or two once it arrives.  Please contact my friend TED at Abbott Boiler Parts for ALL of your parts needed.  Ted is our recommended boiler parts supplier

Ted gives fast and friendly Free Quotes
with the LOWEST PRICES I have seen in this country and all parts including insulated Boiler Pex Pipe!

Outdoor Wood Furnace Parts at the BEST PRICES; GUARANTEED.

YOU NEED RUST PROTECTION on wood or coal Boilers

That is something that our Water-Less Furnaces DO NOT NEED!

NO Water = NO Rust = NO Chemicals = NO water tests EVER!

At this point, I just want to give everyone a reminder that when you purchase a coal or wood boiler, YOU MUST purchase a Rust Preventative Product to protect your investment.

Whether or not you use the old-style chemical method; adding chemicals to put the needed the nitrates in the water to protect the metal from rust or you use our 5-year Rust Blocker which eliminates all water tests, PLUS having to remember to add chemicals as needed.  Every manufacturer requires some type of rust protection and proof by way of the water test for warranty coverage (with exception of our special 5-year rust blocker).